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We are the #arepa foodtruck of Melbourne, the brand that represents #Venezuela and the platform available to all Venezuelans who are promoting and selling their products to all Melbournians.

Arepaland is fully owned and operated by Venezuelans who are super passionate to spread the love of our AREPAS. We are here for you!

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Arepaland @ Home

You can now take to your own kitchen our popular fillings such as Pulled Beef, Pulled Chicken, and Black Beans. During the forced break that COVID19 imposed on us, then we decided to work on this new product line. We will continue taking our food truck all around Melbourne. We also wanted all of you to be spontaneous at home and take one of our fillings and arepas and prepare a delicious Venezuelan meal!. We will be helping all you by publishing every two weeks a recipe video so that you can expand your creativity with our products.


Our good friend and chef Sergio Diago has launched a project called Reinventa2 which intends to bring to our Hispanic Community a set of people who have had to reinvent themselves - for many reasons. Arepaland is one of the sponsors of this initiative because we felt that everything happening at Arepaland is because of our ongoing need to reinvent so that we remain relevant and helpful to the community. YouTube, Spotify, Facebook are the main platforms where you can watch and/or listen to the special guests that Sergio interviews.