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Arepa Pelua

Juicy Venezuelan flavour shredded beef with cheddar cheese. The perfect combination for our meat lovers.

Arepa Sifrina

The queen of the arepas, made with chicken, avocado and fresh herbs mix crowed with cheddar cheese.

Arepa Domino

Soft and delicious black beans with the special touch of feta cheese, the right balance for our vegetarian friends.

Arepa Vegan

Delicious black beans with avocado a real vegan taste.




Avocado mixed with vinegar, coriander, parsley and other green vegetables


Salsa de Ajo

Garlic Sauce for the garlic fans

Salsa Picante

Hot and Chilly sauce to put some fire to your Arepa


Malta Polar
Papelon con Limon

Refreshing Venezuelan drink made with raw hardened sugar cane juice, water, and lemon/lime


Ask the chef for the special arepa of the week